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What we do?

Financial Preparation for Sole Traders, Partnerships and small Companies
These are the formal record of the activities of your business and comprise of the Statement of Financial Position, Financial Performance, Depreciation Schedule and Movement of Equity.  They form the basis from which your income tax return(s) are completed. 

Income Tax Return for Sole Traders, Partnerships, small Companies, Rentals, Trusts and Individuals
Anybody is liable to pay for Income Taxes on any profit earned, whether this is from Business Activity, Rentals or Investments. Any allowable expenses can be deducted from this Income.  We will be able to advise you what is deductible. If you are in a partnership income earned is distributed to the individual partners in accordance with the partnership agreement and then reported to the IRD as part of the Personal Income tax returns. 

Cashbook and Bank Statement Processing
Using Xero and their daily automatic bank fees bank dowloads and manual processing of transactions are no longer required.  Time spend and the possibility of human errors are reduced.  Furthermore as bankfeeds are coming in daily your Cashbook is always up to date and present you an accurate picture of the current cash- position of your business.

GST Returns
These can be done in a timely and accurate manner using Accounting Software. 

Accounts Payable (Creditors) and Receivable (Debtors) 
Let us help you to improve your Cashflow by looking after which Bills need to be paid and ensuring that your work is invoiced in a timely manner. We can help you improve your Cashflow.  
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